Partners Marquart and Pepperman File Lawsuit Alleging Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Against AT&T

Partners Jaime Marquart and Donald Pepperman filed a civil complaint on behalf of plaintiff FlexWare International LLC against AT&T on September 8, 2021, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition in the Central District of California.

Marquart, lead trial counsel on the case, commented: “Plaintiff FlexWare was forced to sue AT&T after AT&T shunned plaintiff’s cease and desist demand resultant from AT&T’s widespread infringement of the valuable ‘FlexWare’ registered trademark. The civil lawsuit seeks to remedy the confusion and significant damages caused by AT&T’s misappropriation and continued use of the identical FlexWare name, owned by a company AT&T consulted directly with prior to its unauthorized infringement.”

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