Partner Keri Axel Interviewed by BBC After Outraged Taylor Swift Fans Bring Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster

Keri Curtis Axel, an experienced criminal and civil litigator and parent of a Swiftie, interviewed by BBC on December 6, 2022 about the lawsuit by angry Taylor Swift fans against Ticketmaster, and its parent company Live Nation, said the goal is “to get rid of the bots so that common customers have a chance to get tickets in the first place. The claimants have a beef and so did Taylor Swift.”

The lawsuit was the result of Swift fans not being able to get tickets to the pop stars new tour. “This is a trade practice case, not an antitrust case,” said Axel. The problem, she said, is not the resale of tickets, which is common, but “how to make the first round more fair.” Axel continued, “Congress is interested in this issue as well and a lawsuit like this is part of customer outrage to make the law fairer to individual buyers.”

Axel told BBC that her daughter did get tickets.

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