Keri Axel Quoted by Yahoo! Finance on Holmes’ 11-Year Prison Sentence

Partner Keri Curtis Axel, a former federal prosecutor, quoted by Yahoo! Finance November 23, 2022 on Elizabeth Holmes’ 11-year prison sentence for her fraud while CEO of the blood-testing start-up Theranos, said, low-security federal prison facilities such as the one Holmes is being sent to in Texas, “they’re not great places. No one wants to be there.”

Axel said non-violent offenders, such as Holmes, are often granted the opportunity to serve their time in one of the federal government’s minimum-level security facilities such as FPC Bryan, a female-only facility about 100 miles northwest of Houston. The prison allows for frequent family visitation and requires that inmates participate in work programs.

“Sometimes they’re called ‘Camp Fed’ because they have more amenities and are a little nicer places” compared to high security prisons, said Axel. Federal prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence Holmes to 15-years in federal prison for her crimes while running the high-profile Silicon Valley company. Judge Davilia noted that FPC’s lenient visitation policy could benefit Holmes who is currently pregnant with her second child.

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