Baker Marquart Partner Brian Klein Leads New Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition

Inside Bitcoins reported that Baker Marquart partner Brian Klein led the creation of a 50-strong nationwide coalition of attorneys dedicated to protecting the civil liberties and constitutional rights of cryptocurrency users and companies.The newly formed Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition also hopes their formation will encourage more companies to innovate without fear of legal reprisal.

“Law enforcement and regulatory actions relating to this technology have been steadily increasing over time and are all too often misdirected or premature[.] It is all too common for responsible entrepreneurs and companies to be subjected to unfair scrutiny by some federal or state agency, which, at a minimum, stifles them and broader innovation.” stated Klein, DCLDC’s Chairman.

From the Inside Bitcoins story by Ian DeMartino:

All emergent technologies have issues with established laws and politicians who struggle to understand them. When Automobiles first started gaining popularity, Britain passed the Locomotive Act of 1865, which limited automobile speeds to 2 mph in towns and cities and 4 mph in rural areas. The cars also had to be led by a man carrying a red flag. The flag bearer literally had to walk in front of the car to warn pedestrians and horse drawn carriages that the car was coming.

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