Partners Ryan Baker and Teresa Huggins Score Complete Victory in a Two-Day Arbitration, Validating Electronically Executed End-User Agreements

In a win for consumer-facing companies utilizing electronic signature technology, Waymaker Partners Ryan Baker and Teresa Huggins achieved a complete victory in a two-day arbitration in which the claimants sought to void a contract they had previously electronically executed.

Claimants, San Diego-area home owners, commenced arbitration, claiming they never signed a contract for the installation of solar panels on their roof. During the two-day arbitration, Waymaker demonstrated that claimants had, in fact, signed the Sunnova agreement using DocuSign. Waymaker also established that the solar panel system had resulted in energy savings for the claimants, contrary to their allegations.

The arbitrator’s interim award was issued March 29, 2021. Based on the evidence and argument presented, the arbitrator summarily denied all claimants’ claims. Sunnova Energy International achieved a complete victory.

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