Partner Donald Pepperman Quoted by Law360 on Apple’s Mixed Trial Victory Over Epic Games

Donald Pepperman was quoted by Law360 in a September 13, 2021 story about Apple’s mixed victory over Epic Games in their antitrust battle about Apple’s 30% commission on app sales.

Epic Games will face an uphill battle in appealing the judge’s ruling. Pepperman said, “The extensive evidentiary trial record presented and Judge Gonzalez Rogers’ detailed findings” makes a successful appeal difficult.

Judge Gonzalez Rogers ruled against Epic’s allegations that Apple holds an illegal monopoly over the App store. Still, the ruling, which gave Epic Games a way to circumvent Apple’s 30% commission on app sales, may come back to bite Apple and other high-tech giants in the form of more robust antitrust law and regulations.

The judge’s ruling could add momentum to lawmakers across the nation seeking to reduce the power of the major high-tech firms because some will cite her ruling as proof that current antitrust laws do not do an adequate job of promoting competition and protecting consumers.

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