Partner Brian Klein Quoted in CNN Article about why Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg might Cooperate with Prosecutors

In a CNN article on July 9, 2021, Brian Klein, a former federal prosecutor who represents individuals accused of high-profile crimes, said, “Prosecutors have a lot of tools at their disposal to try to get someone to cooperate.”

Klein was asked about how the Manhattan DA could pressure the longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization charged with tax crimes to cooperate against the former president. “One tried and true method is to just charge someone and hope that will shake them up and they’ll change their mind and cooperate.”

Klein further explained that while members of Weisselberg’s family have not been charged that threat is palpable. “Usually, prosecutors don’t directly threaten to charge a family member, but it’s not uncommon that that implicit threat hangs out there, is in the air,” said Klein.

“And it can’t be lost on Allen Weisselberg or his lawyers, from reading the indictment, that family members might be witnesses or come under investigation.”

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