Partner Brian Klein Chairs ABA Blockchain & Digital Currency Sept. 15 National Institute (Virtual)

Partner Brian Klein chairs the seventh annual ABA Blockchain & Digital Currency National Institute being held virtually on September 15 and is participating on the panel, “Key Enforcement Actions.”

The September 15 agenda begins with a Noon (12:00 EST) welcome by Klein, founder of the conference, followed by four panels:

Panel I – What the Future Holds for NFTs (12:10 EST). The panel will discuss what NFTs are, their current legal treatment and marketplace for them, and emerging trends.

Panel II – The Coming Dominance of Stablecoins (1:15 EST). Stablecoins are expected to fundamentally transform global finance and the panel will discuss the evolving legal and regulatory landscape.

Panel III – Key Enforcement Actions (2:30 EST). The panel will discuss recent law enforcement and regulatory enforcement actions and how they impact the industry.

Panel IV – The DeFi Revolution (3:40 EST). DeFi platforms have grown exponentially in popularity and usage, although they remain off the mainstream radar for now.

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