Johnny Depp Fans Rush to Fork Over Cash for Unsealed Court Docs. Did It Backfire?

Ryan Baker was quoted in Rolling Stone about fans of Johnny Depp who crowdsourced thousands of dollars to obtain unsealed court documents that ultimately contained unflattering and embarrassing information about Johnny Depp.

He told Rolling Stone that the more than 6,600 pages of documents did not do any favors to Depp. But the documents also show the work Depp’s legal team did prior to trial to exclude the otherwise damaging evidence.

Discussing other strategic decisions that helped Depp’s case, Baker explained: “Amber Heard made emotional distress or post-traumatic stress an issue in the case, because she made that an issue, she had to submit to a psychiatric evaluation,” referencing a clinical psychologist testifying that she had diagnosed Heard with borderline personality disorder. “That’s pretty damning. Then you are waiting for the other person to get up and say [something] about Johnny Depp but Johnny Depp never got evaluated because he never had to submit because he didn’t make emotional distress or post-traumatic stress any kind of issue in the case.”

Baker also noted that Heard’s team had some big wins by keeping details of more damaging testimonies and declarations out of the court, including from Jennifer Howell and Heard’s sister Whitney, noting those details were “tightly and narrowly constrained.”

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